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Issues in Education airs interviews and content related to public education and the politics connected to it, in the United States and Canada. Bob and Geri Boyd have produced and hosted this radio program/podcast for over thirty years!

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Wednesday Aug 16, 2023

Radio hosts Kevin Swanson and Adam McManus say putting a Christian in public school is like playing Russian roulette with their education, their beliefs and their souls. But instead of one bullet, there are 4 or 5 bullets in the gun. Public schools rob children of their innocence and confuse them with critical race theory. Dennis Prager said, “The one thing people can do to fight against the Leftist destruction of our nation is to take their children out of public schools.” Carole Joy Seid, said, “The most effective tool in shaping a child’s character is great literature.” The right book at the right time can change a child’s destiny.

Wednesday Aug 09, 2023

Americans are more divided than ever as younger generation seem like a different culture. How can we communicate the gospel to those without any basic Biblical understanding? Ken Ham, founder of Answers in Genesis and the Ark Encounter and the author of The Answers books, says younger generations understand the universe to be billions of years old. Thus, to them, there was death before Adam sinned, and God is to blame for sin, sickness and death, not sin! The earth, prior to sin, was a perfect paradise God called very good. People and animals were vegetarians. There was no death until Adam sinned.

Wednesday Aug 02, 2023

America has the largest number of Christian colleges, churches, Christian media and resources in the world. Yet with all these resources, why is America becoming less Christian? Christians pray for revival but put 90% of Christian kids in schools of atheism. Ken Ham, founder of Answers in Genesis and the Ark Encounter, and the author of The Answers books, says older generations had an Acts 2 basic understanding of Christianity. But the younger generations are like the Greeks in Acts 17 who had no understanding of God, sin or the Bible. We need revival, but how can God bring revival without reformation?

Saturday Jun 24, 2023

Critical race theory is Marxism in disguise using race instead of class. Parent Tatiana Ibrahim blasted her school board for teaching racism and undermining faith in God! Professor Carol Swain says university Marxists created this fantasy of systemic racism to divide the country. Sen. Ted Cruz says CRT is Marxist based. The teachers union, the NEA, is promoting CRT. Candace Owens says classrooms have become predatory to children. Chris Rufo says critical race theory is the world-view of public schools. The answer for unity, says former pro football star Jack Brewer, is teach love for one another as Christ taught.

Saturday Jun 24, 2023

Artificial intelligence is setting the stage for the advent of the Anti-Christ who will use AI to fake omniscience. Prophecy expert Jimmy Evans, author of The Tipping Point, says AI is the most significant invention to change the world since electricity. AI speaks every language thus erasing God’s curse dividing language at Babel. Trans-human soldiers have super-human powers. As prophesied in Rev 11, today is the first time in history that the whole world would see the two witnesses at the same time. Pastor Billy Crone says AI is essential for the Anti-Christ to micro manage the world’s economy and know who has the mark.

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