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Monday Jan 22, 2024

1/27/24 Explosion of Antisemitism 1869
Why are American students turning against Jewish students? Three top university presidents testified before a Congressional Committee as Congresswoman Elise Stefanic asked if calls for killing Jews violates their standards of conduct. They answered that it would be context related. But would calling for the death of Muslim students be context related? Of course not. This double standard dehumanizes Jewish students. Kayleigh McEnany says 60% of students think the best way to resolve the war would be to give the land to Hamas. Amir Tsarfati says Israeli soldiers are turning away from secularism and toward God!

Friday Jan 19, 2024

1/20/24 The Link Between Marxism & Abortion 1868
The number one cause of death in America is still abortion. Without the right to life, no other rights matter. Seth Gruber, a renowned pro-life speaker and president of The White Rose Resistance, gives a powerful, passionate speech saying, “Many pastors don’t understand that the culture war is a spiritual war. Abortion forms the lynchpin to the silent Marxist revolution.” Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, was greatly influenced by communism and euthanasia to start abortion clinics to rid the world of the “unfit.” The strategy of our adversaries is sexual chaos, abortion and euthanasia.

Monday Jan 08, 2024

1/13/24 The Relevance of Noah’s Ark 1867
Is the Genesis Flood true history or a fable? Is there scientific evidence for the Flood? Dr Frank Sherman explains how the steep walls in the Grand Canyon show a rapid rush of water that could only be formed by the Flood. God gave people 120 years to repent. But only 8 people were saved out of the 4-7 billion people who were drowned because of sin. Tom Dooley, author of The True Story of Noah’s Ark, describes the water canopy that fell to earth as rain. Noah had the faith to believe God, to believe there would be rain resulting in a flood, and that his ark would rise above the waters of judgement to safety (rapture)!

Monday Jan 01, 2024

1/6/24 Broad Is The Way 1866
What happens to people who die but don’t go to heaven? Is hell a real place? If hell didn’t exist, why did Jesus talk about it so much? Bill Wiese, a successful realtor and author of Twenty Three Minutes in Hell, describes his incredibly detailed vision of hell; the stench, the flames, the deafening screams of agony, and the terrifying demons! Bill says the Lord took Bill’s spirit to hell and back to warn people who don’t believe hell exits. If you could go to heaven because of your good deeds, then Jesus died for nothing! Jesus suffered excruciating pain and death to save people from hell. Where is hell? Can good people go there?

Monday Dec 25, 2023

12/30/23 Flight to Heaven 1865
Is heaven a real place or just a theoretical concept? Captain Dale Black, author of A Pilot’s True Story - Flight to Heaven, A Plane Crash, A Lone Survivor, A Journey to Heaven and Back, describes his horrific plane crash into a mausoleum going 135 mph and falling 70 feet on to concrete. His body was clinically dead, but his spirit went to an incredibly awesome place -Heaven. What do angels look like? Jesus promised mansions awaiting God’s children, but what are they like? Dale Black describes Heaven’s music and the brilliant colors, flowers, and water. What impressed him most was Christ’s love! This is a life-changing program.

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